Designed Specifically For The Younger Generation, The Speed3x RS JUNIOR Combines Safety And Fun.

Weight without battery
350W 10 Kg 15km/h 48V 70km
Like the MINI, the JUNIOR is also foldable, enhancing its practicality and ease of transport.

Its narrow handlebars are tailored for smaller hands, making it an ideal choice for family outings. The JUNIOR inherits the same advanced features as its counterparts, including a detachable Li-ion battery, hydraulic double disc brakes, and an LCD display, making it a top choice for kids seeking adventure and independence.

  • Motor: 350 W
  • Hydraulic double disc brakes
  • Weight without battery: 10 kg
  • Velocity: limited to 15 km/h

  • Li-ion battery 48 V/14 Ah
  • Range up to 70 km/h
  • 10 inch wheel
  • Cruise control
  • Reverse gear
  • LCD display
  • Foldable

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